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Case Study 01
Project Description : Complete demolition and restoration of structure dating to 1896.  Final product is 260 sq. mt. two-floor residence and 100 sq. mt. fully restored outbuilding.

Key Steps Undertaken:

  • Complete Demolition
  • Materials Recovered for Restoration
  • Design of Exterior and Interior Plans
  • Use of Environmentally Sound Materials
  • Installation of Energy-Efficient Heating and Hot Water Systems
  • Interior Design and Materials Selection
  • Construction to Finished State

Challenges Encountered/Remedied:

  • CHALLENGE -- Unstable Land Around 50% of Intended House Footprint to depth of 3.5 meters
  • REMEDY -- designed a solution utilizing custom contoured excavation around entire house dimensions using partitions of reinforced concrete…remedied unstable land problem, plus, creative solution resulting in an under-house garage within project budget parameters
  • CHALLENGE -- Presence of Humidity on First Floor – how to eliminate without exceeding budget
  • REMEDY – created underfloor air pockets linked with a system of circulation tubes to permit entry of fresh, dry air and encourage circulation of air under floor tiles.  Solution remedied humidity problem without costly intervention to relocate underground presence of water.

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before image 01
before image 02original conditionprecision masonary

after image 01before image 03reinforced foudationviews and house

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