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Case Study 02
Project Description : Preserve existing structure with collapsed roof, multiple structural wall lesions and partially collapsed first floor, plus, subsequent restoration of the100 year-old structure Final product is 240 sq. mt. two-floor residence and 50 sq. mt. outbuilding restored as rental-producing studio apartment.

Key Steps Undertaken:

  • Complete Restoration Project Designed/Developed
  • Initial Stabilization of Collapsing Structural Components
  • Complete Structural Intervention – Floors, Roof, Walls, Anti-Seismic Foundation
  • Materials Recovered for Restoration
  • Design of Exterior and Interior Plans
  • Use of Environmentally Sound Materials
  • Installation of Energy-Efficient Heating and Hot Water Systems
  • Interior Design and Materials Selection
  • Construction to Finished State

Challenges Encountered/Remedied:

  • CHALLENGEPreserve Unique Architectural Characteristics (Internal and External)
  • REMEDY – Comprehensive plan implemented to achieve desired preservation included extensive meter-by-meter photo archiving to ensure key characteristics restored to original form.  Materials hand-removed, hand-cleaned and remounted in final phase.
  • CHALLENGEEnsure Anti-seismic Reinforcement of Main Floor in a NON-Visible Manner, While Preserving the Character of the Original construction.  – in short, render the entire floor structurally-sound and anti-seismic while showing no visible signs
  • REMEDY – Utilized a custom network of steel Micro-piles and Micro-beams that encircled the entire perimeter of the first floor, while being linked to each other by a network of special anchors.  The visible wood beams were attached to the network, creating a seamless, traditional look, while all elements of the high-tech structural solution were “hidden” from view.

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before image 01
before image 02additional reinforcmentclassic restoration

after image 01before image 03reinforced foudationviews and house

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